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By Elissa Rua

Vintage Floral Dahlia Tough Phone Case - Teal

Vintage Floral Dahlia Tough Phone Case - Teal

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This Vintage Floral Tough Phone Case is a timeless fusion of classic elegance and modern protection. Featuring a trailing pattern of delicate cream Dahlia flowers set against a rich teal background, this case exudes vintage charm with a contemporary twist. This distinctive design features on this robust tough phone case.

Our tough phone case is meticulously engineered for durability, boasting a dual-layered design to provide enhanced protection. Crafted with a specialised impact-resistant plastic outer coat, renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, and complemented by a black flexible silicone inner layer for added shock absorption.

These premium phone cases are meticulously crafted with precision moulds that ensure a perfect fit for your device. Featuring a high-quality colour print that wraps fully around the entire body of the case in stunning 3D detail, covering every corner, side, and edge evenly. The tough case is equipped with transparent, unobstructed ports for seamless connectivity and is compatible with Bluetooth charging.

This tough phone case exudes a sleek and sophisticated appearance while safeguarding against drops, falls, and daily wear and tear.

Available in both matte and gloss finishes to suit your preference.

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