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By Elissa Rua

Jellyfish Snap Phone Case

Jellyfish Snap Phone Case

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Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the ocean with our Jellyfish Serenade Phone Case. This enchanting design features delicate, nearly translucent jellyfish in a light green hue, surrounded by similarly colored bubbles, all set against a deeper green sea background. The mesmerizing pattern captures the gentle grace of jellyfish drifting through the water, adding a touch of tranquility and elegance to your phone. Perfect for ocean enthusiasts and those who appreciate delicate, nature-inspired designs, this phone case is ideal for anyone looking to add a touch of serenity and elegance to their everyday tech accessories. It’s the perfect blend of beauty and functionality for individuals who want their phone to reflect their love for the ocean’s wonders.

Our premium snap case offers a snug, personalized fit for various phone models. Made from high-quality shatterproof plastic, it provides slim and lightweight protection.

Constructed with impact-resistant polycarbonate, the case is precision-engineered to match your device's dimensions perfectly. The custom design is vividly printed edge-to-edge, ensuring an exceptional visual experience. A water-based polyurethane coating enhances durability against daily wear and tear.

Featuring clear, open ports for seamless connectivity and compatibility with Bluetooth charging, the case offers convenience without compromise. Choose between a sleek matte or glossy finish to complement your style.

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  • Details

    • Intimate fit
    • Slim form factor
    • Model specific casing to allow easy access to buttons
    • Supports bluetooth charging 
    • Durable and shatterproof
    • Matte or gloss finish 
      REACH, RoHS and TUVRheinland certified
  • Shipping

    • Made to Order
    • Manufacturing time: 48 -72 hours
    • Manufactured in: UK, EU, US, AU, KR by our production partner
    • Fulfilled from the nearest location to you