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By Elissa Rua

Ocean Dance Snap Phone Case

Ocean Dance Snap Phone Case

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Dive into the depths of style with our Ocean Dance Phone Case. This captivating design showcases a vibrant underwater scene with an array of marine life, including various fish, a charming seahorse, shells, and seaweed. The intricate illustrations in cream, pink, and green hues stand out beautifully against a rich, dark blue background, bringing the serene and mesmerizing ocean world to your fingertips. Perfect for ocean lovers and those with a penchant for marine life, this phone case is ideal for anyone looking to bring a touch of the sea’s tranquility and beauty to their daily tech accessories. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and artistic flair for those who want to make a statement.

Our premium snap case offers a snug, personalized fit for various phone models. Made from high-quality shatterproof plastic, it provides slim and lightweight protection.

Constructed with impact-resistant polycarbonate, the case is precision-engineered to match your device's dimensions perfectly. The custom design is vividly printed edge-to-edge, ensuring an exceptional visual experience. A water-based polyurethane coating enhances durability against daily wear and tear.

Featuring clear, open ports for seamless connectivity and compatibility with Bluetooth charging, the case offers convenience without compromise. Choose between a sleek matte or glossy finish to complement your style.

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  • Details

    • Intimate fit
    • Slim form factor
    • Model specific casing to allow easy access to buttons
    • Supports bluetooth charging 
    • Durable and shatterproof
    • Matte or gloss finish 
      REACH, RoHS and TUVRheinland certified
  • Shipping

    • Made to Order
    • Manufacturing time: 48 -72 hours
    • Manufactured in: UK, EU, US, AU, KR by our production partner
    • Fulfilled from the nearest location to you