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By Elissa Rua

Vintage Floral Dahlia Eco Phone Case - Teal

Vintage Floral Dahlia Eco Phone Case - Teal

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This Vintage Floral Eco Phone Case is a timeless fusion of classic elegance and modern protection. Featuring a trailing pattern of delicate cream Dahlia flowers set against a rich teal background, this case exudes vintage charm with a contemporary twist. This distinctive design features on this ecologically conscious phone case. 

This is a meticulously crafted and environmentally conscious phone case designed for the iPhone 11, Pro, Max, and SE models as well as Samsung S20 and S21 models. Constructed from a blend of 100% biodegradable bioplastic and bamboo fiber, this case strikes a balance between flexibility and durability.

Engineered for resilience, this phone cover undergoes rigorous 5-feet drop testing to ensure optimal shock absorption. Its raised rim design provides added protection for the screen, while the scratch-resistant, slimline construction offers a smooth yet non-slip grip, imparting a natural look and feel.

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